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Embrace Your Legacy Now!–Summit 1 on 1 Interview Series–Niccie Kliegl

Niccie Kliegl is an author, speaker and Certified Life Coach with a passion for helping others reach life fulfillment, to live healthy, complete, and balanced lives that are prosperous and faith-infused. She understands the dilemma of striving to be great in one area of your life – at the cost of another. She knows that true peace and contentment come from finding a healthy balance of all areas of your life, with faith being the foundation, and that is what she strives to share with others. The concept of her personal coaching program, Fulfill Your Legacy, is built around the understanding that […]

What I Can Start Doing To Help Change The World

Greetings! I pray this finds each of you safe and healthy this weekend despite the dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases in many states across the United States. Here is Episode 27 of the Say Yes to Holiness podcast which is entitled, “What Can I Start Doing Today To Help Change The World?” In this episode, I provide food for the head, heart, hands and feet to nourish, encourage and hopefully, inspire you as to what we can be doing to help change the world. Enjoy the episode, and know of my continued prayers for each of you in our pursuit […]