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Be a Saint? Who, Me? Yes, You!–Connections Between Faith and Daily Life YouTube series

Here is the latest addition to the Connections Between Faith and Daily Life series on the Say Yes to Holiness YouTube channel. This week, in the YouTube video ‘Be a Saint? Who, Me? Yes, You!’, Christina shares the seven characteristics that all saints hold in common, and how you, too, can cultivate these characteristics in your life and not only be the saint that God created you to be, but to also embrace the life that God desires for you–a life of purpose, peace and abundance. This topic is also something that Christina has shared about as a talk for […]

Are You Putting Things Off “Until Tomorrow”?

I have noticed a disturbing trend that has been emerging in the last few weeks, and that’s the trend of putting things off. I am hearing. A lot of statements that begin with “Once I get this done” or “After I…” or “When I do this, then…” That sound familiar to you, too? It is captured brilliantly in a poem entitled “The Procrastinator” that is a bit further below in this post (thanks, Matthew Warner for drawing it to my attention!), but it is disturbing because it is a sign that despite COVID, people are going back to living and […]

No End to the Overflowing and Abundant Graces

I have now been blogging daily for more than a month (actually 38 days!) and I am in awe at how our Lord has sustained and helped me in this endeavor–just as He said he would when I first committed to 30 days straight. I admit that my hesitancy to a daily writing commitment was partially a fear that I wouldn’t be able to have anything to say, but also because I was forgetting that God is the One in charge to begin with! LOL But my willingness to trust and step out in faith has resulted by my life […]