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Family Is Our School of Love

Today was spent in quiet reflection as I prepared to make my promises to become a member of the AVI (Apostles of Interior Life) Family. In the midst of quiet time in Adoration with Jesus, all of us who were gathered together were encouraged to reflect upon not only the promises that we would be making, but even more so, to reflect upon what does it mean to be family? One of the AVI Family members shared some wisdom given by Dr Greg and Lisa Popcak, national speakers on issues of marriage and family, in which the Popcaks suggest that […]

Five Things To Do For A Perfect Christmas

As we are now drawing super close to Christmas, the world has us in an absolute frenzy of preparations and “checking lists twice.” For those of us for whom Jesus is the reason for this season, it can be extremely disconcerting to traverse through these final days as all the focus seems to be on everything and anything but Jesus.   So how do we wrench our focus off all the “to-dos” and allow ourselves to focus on Him?  By doing what Jesus told us to do and become like little children.  How? By acting like a child.   1. Look with childlike wonder. How often is it that we actually […]

Do You Love Enough?

For many today, love is understood to mean that you must accept whomever the person says they are and whatever it is that they choose to do. This supposedly shows you have respect for the person’s freedom and individuality, and how they choose to express themselves. Yet, I came across a quote that I’d like for you to think about: “Announcing the Gospel is the first and greatest act of charity.” — St. Arnold Janssen True love always desires the best for the other. And to desire the best for another includes being honest and straightforward with them–even when the […]