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Pivoting Towards Our Best Selves in the Midst of the Pandemic–Summit Week Podcast

This has been the Say Yes to Holiness Transformation Online Summit week, and it has been AWESOME! So many wonderful conversations and ideas shared, and lots of friendships made–even though we are miles apart and having to do this using Zoom and Facebook Live. Who said you can’t connect and create community virtually? Although it’s not as good as being in person, it defintiely is better than not gathering together at all! In the midst of it all, we have been challenging assumption, examining and recommitting oursleves to our core foundational principles and priorities, and dreaming BIG about the possibilities […]

Living the Life God Created You For in the Midst of a Pandemic

Have you been struggling to figure out how you are supposed to live the life God created you for in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? Then check out the latest Say Yes to Holiness Podcast This podcast gives you Food for the Head, Heart, Hands and Feet to help you gain perspective in the midst of the pandemic and give you some practical ways to respond in your daily life. SAY YES and listen now to this episode that can help you jumpstart your spiritual life today!

“Growing In Faith During Difficult Times”

Hey, Everyone! Wanted to share a special podcast episode entitled, “Growing in Faith During Difficult Times” that aired on the Belle Curve podcast. I was privileged to be a guest on the show this last week, and I spent time together with the hosts, Rachel Blackmon Bryars and Mary Scott Hunter, talking about what we can do to help us process and embrace the “new normal” of COVID-19. Enjoy the episode, and if you find it to be helpful, make sure to share “Growing in Faith During Difficult Times” episode with your friends! Christina Semmens is a Roman Catholic author, […]

Tips for Pursuing Holiness During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond

Just posted my latest podcast, “Tips for Pursuing Holiness During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond.” In this podcast episode, I share good for the head, heart, hands and feet to inspire and encourage you, as well as practical tips of what and how to continue to pursue holiness during this challenging and difficult time. Blessed Chiara Portillo, when asked how she handled life’s challenges as she struggled with cancer, shared, “We live in the moment or we’d go crazy.” I think her advice is spot on for all of us, so as part of my effort to accompany you and […]

“Using Lent Well On The Path To Holiness”

This week’s podcast goes a little deeper into how living Lent well can increase your growth in grace on the path to holiness. Some of the Food for the Head, Heart, Hands and Feet shared in this episode: Discussion of why Lent is such a wondrously grace-filled journey for the entire Body of Christ Conversation about what St Augustine was talking about when he exhorted, “Charity is no substitute for justice withheld” Suggestions for resolutions for how to take what is in this podcast and apply it to your daily life If you are striving to grow in holiness and […]

The Power and Authority of the Word

This is a wonderful (and super short!) podcast that offers a daily reflection on the Gospel of the day. Enjoy (and thanks for the recommendation Beth!) Also, if you would, please offer prayers for me as I lead a formation day for a local community, particularly that I serve as a good instrument of Holy Spirit so that power and authority of HIS Word may be shared today and much fruit be the result in the lives of all who gather today. Keep doing whatever it takes to grow closer to God and become more like Jesus so you can […]

Finding True Belonging and Living Authentically

One of the greatest challenges we have in life is to find the place where we belong and to live authentically. This phenomenal podcast explores both. Brene Brown is one of the best out there discussing vulnerability, while Lewis Howes is always pursuing what it takes to live a life of authenticity. Enjoy! https://lewishowes.com/podcast/r-brene-brown-create-true-belonging-and-heal-the-world/

Here is Episode 5 of the Say Yes to Holiness Podcast!

Hard to believe I have been doing a podcast for longer than a month already, but here is Episode 5–“God’s Will vs Our Will.” Hope you find the podcast to be a helpful tool and resource for you on the journey, and please reach out if there is a particular question or topic you would like me to address in future podcasts!