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Pursuing Relationships, Friendships, and “New Habits of Mind” During A Pandemic

Earlier this summer, I was able to connect with Daniel McCormick, another Say Yes to Holiness Summit panelist from this spring’s Say Yes to Holiness Tranformation Online Summit. Daniel is the Director of the Office of Religious Education for the Diocese of Birmingham, and am privileged to also call him friend and brother in Christ. Daniel is a happy husband, a father of 3, and a catechist who is currently working for the diocese. He previosuly has served as a Catholic school teacher, parish director of religious education, and done sacramental preparation for children, youth and adults. He is commited […]

Take Your Talents Online–Chris Trammell–1 on 1 Post-Summit Interview

This weekend, I was able to connect with Chris Trammell, another Say Yes to Holiness Summit panelist from this spring’s Say Yes to Holiness Tranformation Online Summit. Chris is a Business Growth Strategist & Consultant who is committed to bringing more goodness to the world.​He chose to stop working for global brands like Nike, and committed to venturing out on his own because he knew that he wanted to focus on those individuals that were committed to bringing and being a positive change for their communities and the causes that brought out their highest purpose gifts.​ In this special episode of the Say Yes […]

Raising Saints To Hear God’s Voice–Alexandra Sullivan–1 on 1 Post Summit Interview

One of the Say Yes to Holiness Summit panelists who participated in this spring’s Say Yes to Holiness Tranformation Online Summit was Alexandra Sullivan. Alexandra is a wife, mother of three and co-host of the podcast, “Raising Saints to Hear God’s Voice.” Alexandra holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics and Visual Arts from the College of the Holy Cross, as well as a Master of Arts degree in Photography from New York University. In this special episode of the Say Yes to Holiness podcast, Christina and Alexandra continue the conversation begun during the Say Yes Summit, sharing about […]

Your Time To Fly Is Now!–1 on 1 Summit Interview–Ruth Pierce

In the wake of the Say Yes to Holiness Transformation Online Summit that happened in May, I had the opportunity to do a series of 1 on 1 with many of the speakers who had been a part of the different speaker panels. Due to COVID, I got behind in publishing those podcasts and YouTube videos, but am seeking to correct that by sharing those now. Of particular enjoyment for me was the 1 on 1 Summit Interview I had with Ruth Pierce–author, coach, speaker and owner of Ruth Pierce Consulting. Ruth guides professionals to develop their mental, spiritual, and […]

CORRECTED LINK–Measuring Up: How to WIN in a World of Comparison–Renee Vidor 1 on 1 Podcast Interview

Apologies for the technical difficulty, but here is the link to the corrected post with ALL links working.

“Can’t Get Over It, But You Can Get Through It”–Fr Chris Alar, MIC–Summit 1 on 1 Podcast Interview

In the last two weeks, I have been fighting the COVID-19 virus, and subsequently, I have gotten WAY behind on releasing the numerous podcasts that I had gotten done in the wake of the Say Yes to Holiness Summit. Beginning today, I am going to attempt to release one podcast episode a day–either from Summit podcast interviews, or my own Say Yes to Holiness podcasts. My prayer is that you find each of the podcast episodes to be of great encouragement, inspiration and support in the midst of the continuing pandemic and in your pursuit of holiness. Today’s episode with […]

Embrace Your Legacy Now!–Summit 1 on 1 Interview Series–Niccie Kliegl

Niccie Kliegl is an author, speaker and Certified Life Coach with a passion for helping others reach life fulfillment, to live healthy, complete, and balanced lives that are prosperous and faith-infused. She understands the dilemma of striving to be great in one area of your life – at the cost of another. She knows that true peace and contentment come from finding a healthy balance of all areas of your life, with faith being the foundation, and that is what she strives to share with others. The concept of her personal coaching program, Fulfill Your Legacy, is built around the understanding that […]

After Diagnosis–Life! The Summit Speaker 1 on 1 Interview Series–Dr. Jim Henry

Dr. Jim Henry is an author, speaker and pastoral minister who served as part of a discussion panels during the Say Yes to Holiness Transformation Online Summit held May 19-22, 2020. Jim is the Founder & Creator of The Life Givers Network®.  His primary objective is to provide every person diagnosed with a life-threatening or life- altering illness an opportunity to experience abundant life, no matter how severe the diagnosis or how poor the prognosis. Although the Life Givers Network is based in New Jersey, the organization just went through an extensive overhaul of their online presence so as to […]

Pivoting Towards Our Best Selves–1 on 1 Interview with Christina Semmens on a Special Say Yes to Holiness Podcast

In this very special Say Yes to Holiness podcast Zoom interview episode, join Christina Semmens and her guest host, Willow Green, talk about Christina’s  decision to pivot and offer the entirety of the recent Say Yes to Holiness Transformation Online Summit content for free vs paid; additional lessons learned from the Say Yes Summit; some exciting news about her upcoming Say Yes book; and also talk about what the future holds for Say Yes to Holiness–can you say Say Yes to Holiness Movement? Enjoy this special Say Yes to Holiness podcast episode either by watching it as a video interview […]