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Benefits of Eucharistic Adoration

The Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama is holding its first ever Eucharistic Congress this coming June 28-29. In anticipation, and to help prepare for the Congress, I was asked to speak about the Eucharist in Scripture and the many benefits of Eucharistic Adoration for benefit of the Our Lady of the Valley Charismatic Prayer Group. A link of that talk is posted below, or you can check it out on my personal FB page or the SayYesToHoliness FB page as well. Thanks much to Sergio Andrade for the video, and also to Blanca Mireles for the wonderful translation job she did […]

The Senses of the Story

So yesterday as I shared how the Harry Potter series can help in cultivating a life of Christian virtue, I made mention that the best stories prepare us to engage more fully with the Story. How is that the case? Because the more we prepare our hearts and minds, the better able we can dive into the essence, purpose and meaning of the Story found in Sacred Scripture and discover all four of its Senses. And when we experience all four senses, we prepare our heart and mind to receive the fullness of the Word. So what are these four […]