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4 Hacks to Living a Happier Life Immediately–Upcoming Catholic Mental Health Conference Talk

Wanted to share about an upcoming online opportunity, ‘The Catholic Mental Health Conference!’ that is going to be on the SmartCatholics platform. SmartCatholics is bringing a variety of speakers together to explore how we can live lives holistically, and share simple tips in modern psychology – tips to help faithful Catholics live happier, more exciting lives – now! The event lasts 2 days, from November 21-22. But the best part is, is that it is more than an online event. It’s a community that will grow. In fact, I have a group that is part of the SmartCatholics community, too! […]

Be a Saint? Who, Me? Yes, You!–Connections Between Faith and Daily Life YouTube series

Here is the latest addition to the Connections Between Faith and Daily Life series on the Say Yes to Holiness YouTube channel. This week, in the YouTube video ‘Be a Saint? Who, Me? Yes, You!’, Christina shares the seven characteristics that all saints hold in common, and how you, too, can cultivate these characteristics in your life and not only be the saint that God created you to be, but to also embrace the life that God desires for you–a life of purpose, peace and abundance. This topic is also something that Christina has shared about as a talk for […]