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Growing in Trust in the Midst of Worldly Anxiety–Episode 30 Say Yes to Holiness Podcast

Here is the latest Say Yes to Holiness podcast episode–Episode 30–Growing in Trust in the Midst of Worldly Anxiety. In this episode, I focus upon sharing Food for the Head, Heart, Hands and Feet to help encourage and accompany you as you try to grow in trust in the midst of our current worldly anxieties, challenges and distractions. So here for your listening enjoyment is the latest Say Yes to Holiness podcast. May this conversation help you grow in your capacity to trust God in the midst of your daily challenges on our journey together towards holiness. Episode 30–Growing in […]

Trusting In The One Certainty Amidst A Sea Of Change

As we continue to progress through the Easter Season, we have seen many recent signs of hope in our midst. The loosening of restrictions upon going out in public, the ability to interact with others–albeit while practicing social distancing, and our ability to return, if we are comfortable and well enough, to the public celebration of the Mass. Although these signs of hope bring great joy and comfort, the constant change and adjustments brings its own form of stress, anxiety and fear. Stress as we continuously are having to adjust what we used to do or how  we now need […]