Choosing Death? Or Life?

Yesterday, I invited you to come along on a journey. So for those of you here today, thanks for making the choice to show up! Am glad to have my brothers and sisters to walk beside me, particularly because you can see my blog’s title–I have a SERIOUS choice to make.

For anyone that has traveled, be it overnight, a weekend, or for months at a time, just getting ready to leave on a journey is stressful. There are so many choices and decisions to make! What clothes to pack. What toiletries or medicines might I need? Where (or with who) will I be staying? Do I need travel insurance? Do I need a passport or visa? How am I going to get there? Do I have directions? Decisions, decisions, decisions. But THE decision I have to make, before anything else, is where do I want to go?

Believe it or not, the reality is that all of us are traveling towards death. Actually, it is the one unavoidable in our lives (despite what people say about taxes! LOL).  For from the very first moment of our birth, we are dying–some of us faster, or more slowly, than others. But we are dying. Despite this reality, the majority of society tries to convince us otherwise by telling us that if we simply adopt healthy habits and try to prolong our lives with exercise, not gaining weight, decreasing stress, not smoking, minimizing alcohol consumption, and eating healthy foods (whatever they may be this week! LOL)–we are going to avoid the unavoidable. Sorry to tell you this (if you didn’t already know), but regardless of what we do, death is still going to eventually show up at the door. Question is whether we are going to embrace it or not. Say what?

Why would I embrace death? Well, I know something about death. It’s not permanent.

Yep, you read that correctly. Death is not permanent. In fact, the ONLY time death is permanent, is when we CHOOSE death.

So are you choosing death? Or are you choosing life?

What do I mean by all this? Well, are you choosing to spend your time, energy, and money on things that thieves can steal, moths can destroy, and eventually rust away? Or are you choosing life by spending your time, energy and resources on the things that truly matter? Your relationship with God, family, friends and caring for those around you, especially those who can’t care for themselves? Because each time you choose things that matter, you are choosing life, even if your bank account, house, car, wardrobe, or latest vacation destination doesn’t show it.

But the MOST important decision you and I can make for life is in choosing the direction of our lives, and then heading in that direction. (And here’s a small secret–the direction is not a what, but a who.) And that’s what this journey that I invited you on is all about. It’s about choosing LIFE each and every day. It’s about choosing to have purpose, peace and abundance. About choosing life in the big things and the small things, so that when I (and you) do finally encounter the inevitability of death, it’s not the end. Rather, it’s just a new beginning.

So, are you choosing death today? Or life?

One last thought, remember that when we choose life, we become filled with light and grace for each other. So you shine for me, and I’ll do my best to keep shining for you in the days ahead, ok? Thanks for showing up. I can’t express how grateful I am for your being here.

Know of my continued prayers for you, and hope to see you as we keep on the Way tomorrow.