What Speaks to Your Heart?

Yesterday, I wrote about the transcendentals–goodness, truth and beauty, and how being aware of their presence around us enriches our life.

But there is another aspect to the transcendentals that I want to draw your attention to. Primarily, to reflect upon which transcendental speaks most powerfully to your heart. Is it goodness? And seeing the good acts of others done in love and mercy and kindness and generosity? Or is it the power of a well-presented truth that empowers and encourages you to go out and make the world a better place? Or is it the beauty of some created thing or person that intoxicates your senses and almost makes you cry?

Although all of us are moved in different ways by the transcendentals, but it’s important to recognize whichever one speaks most profoundly to your heart and touches the depth of your soul. For this recognition can point you toward the path upon which you will most commonly encounter God.

Why is this important to know for the journeying along the Way? For two reasons: 1) it helps you on the spiritual journey in discerning how you can best attempt to deepen your relationship with God; and 2) if you are struggling to find or encounter God it becomes the first place that you can look in order to encounter Him.

So what speaks to your heart? Whatever you discover it to be–either the good, the true or the beautiful–I encourage you to look and there you will find God.