Why am I Blogging?

I am now 10 days into my commitment to blog for 30 days in a row, and I thought it was important to share with those of you who have joined me for this journey to know why I am blogging.

Primarily, it is rooted in my experience during the last thirty years of encountering countless numbers of people who are going through life, but are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unfulfilled, and believe that their life has made little difference in the world, and/or that they have missed out on their life’s true purpose. They are restless and searching for something, but aren’t sure what, so they turn to what I call the “usual suspects”–material things, experiences, or other people–to fill that deep longing inside their hearts.

It has broken my heart to see so many unhappy and unfulfilled people, so over the years, I have attempted to communicate the “solution” to this restlessness to people either one-on-one, or in groups, but as the years have gone by, I have seen the need for communicating this solution to others only continue to increase, particularly among young adults, and so enters my blog.

For blogging becomes a vehicle for me to be able to communicate the truths about what will truly bring each of us joy, peace, purpose and meaning to our life. Since these truths are not limited by who we are, where we live, what language we speak, or how much money we have, I am promise to do my best to use the tools at hand by sharing about these truths through my blog:

1) The reality that God loves you

2) That we are created for holiness and designed for eternity

3) That despite the pain, suffering, confusion, anxiety, and seeming hopelessness in the world today, it IS possible to live a life of meaning, peace and abundance and journey toward holiness in the midst of daily life

4) To share tips about how to live a life of meaning, peace and abundance and pursue holiness in the midst of daily life

5) That authentic friendship is the key to ensuring you become your true self

6) That every person’s story matters

7) That happiness is a choice

So if you desire to be encouraged for this journey; want to learn more about living an abundant life of meaning and peace; or discover these truths for the very first time; then say yes to journeying with me as we strive to become the saints God created us to be.

**And if you know of anyone else that might want to come along, please share this blog with them. The more people on the Way, the better life (and eternity) will be! 🙂