One Simple Way to Guarantee Your Children Find Happiness

Here in Alabama, another school year has begun. (Yes, you read that properly)

Anyway, the last two days I have seen a flurry of photos posted on social media by many friends who are parents of school age children. There are lots of smiles amongst the nice, crisp school uniforms or new outfits that capture the moment when all things are possible during the upcoming academic year.

New beginnings are like that–lots of potential and possibilities, and great hope tends to surround those moments.

But as parents, we also tend to worry a bit. Is our son or daughter going to succeed academically? Make friends? Excel at their interests? Develop good habits?

Interestingly, in the quest for the success of our children, we frequently fail to focus upon the really important concern–is my child going to find happiness?

I read a quote from St Claude de Columbiere that truly puts it all into perspective:

“Avoid worrying, then, about anything else for your children except whatever may contribute to bringing them up virtuously. For the rest, having entrusted them to God, try to see what His will for them is, to help them along the path in life He has chosen for them. Never be afraid of relying too much on Him, but rather seek always to increase your trust more and more, for this is the most pleasing homage you can pay Him and it will be the measure of the graces you will receive. Little or much will be given you according as you have expected little or much.”

— St. Claude De La Columbiere, p.46 Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence

So, as another school year begins (or will begin soon elsewhere in the world with a more reasonable academic calendar! LOL), I invite you to take St Claude’s words to heart and prayerfully reflect upon how you can live them out, so you can do the one thing necessary to ensure they find happiness.

God bless, and know of my own continued prayers and sacrifice that each and every child in the world may find true happiness. Hope to see you on the Way tomorrow.