“The Smoke of Satan”

This last weekend, a new book, The Smoke of Satan: How Corrupt and Cowardly Bishops Betrayed Christ, His Church, and the Faithful…And What Can Be Done About It by Philip Lawler, was released that I wanted to highlight for everyone, but especially for Roman Catholics.

This book is an excellent and thought provoking assessment of the current state of affairs within the Catholic Church hierarchy For those who are not Catholic, I invite you to read it so you can be well-informed as to the issues within the Church rather than relying upon secular journalists and media outlets. I can attest that the author, Philip Lawler, and the publisher, St Benedict Press and Tan Books, pull no punches.

As you read, please pray for all of the faithful bishops and priests struggling to fight for the truth, and for them to do what is good and to continue to share the beauty of the Good News in the midst of this environment described in this book. This is especially important as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops meets in Baltimore for their Fall Meetings throughout this week.

I will be posting some thoughts of my own in the days ahead to provide some examples of how I see the Holy Spirit renewing and redirecting His Church in these difficult days, for I know without a doubt that the Lord will never abandon us, but rather is strengthening His call for us to be transformed personally as His disciples and in so doing, to transform His Church.

St Michael, defend us in battle…