GUEST POST: Hear His Voice And “Re-Turn” To The Lord

As we celebrate the Easter Octave, I wanted to share a reflection written by Eileen Keller, a friend from the Diocese of Charleston, SC, who has some beautiful advice about how we can continue to live out the joy, hope and peace of Easter. Enjoy!

The Gospel of John 20:11-18 tells the account from Resurrection morning, where Mary Magdalene sits at the empty tomb, weeping in her grief.  John tells us Jesus spoke and twice she turned.  You could say she turned and re-turned.  She didn’t recognize him.  It was only when the second time he spoke to her that she heard him say her name, “Mary”, that she turned again —she knew it was Him, so attuned she was to the sound of His voice speaking to her heart, saying her name with love and mercy.  And then, Jesus gives Mary her mission, her direction: to share THE GOOD NEWS with the others.

Have you ever looked for a radio station and you search for the signal, turning the knob this way and that, to get to the sweet spot where there’s no static and a clear signal? It can take time and a delicate touch to tune in.  Or how about our navigation apps.  It takes listening attentively for the next direction and the turning points, to arrive at our destination.

Mary, by being tuned in and listening attentively, she is able to have that precious encounter with the risen Lord.  And that sometimes takes turning or re-turning to Him who loves you so. 

Persistence is the key here.  Just keep trying.  Take those opportunities for course correction if you don’t like where you’re headed.  Here’s 4 easy ideas in these Easter days to turn to the Lord where He may be found.

1. Quiet prayer and meditation.  Read the Gospel daily and carve a few extra moments to sit still and listen to His voice. Wait for His direction.
2. Saturate yourself in the Sacraments.  If you added a weekday Mass during Lent, good job!  Keep it up. Jesus is made present at each Mass, Body Blood, Soul and Divinity. Receive Him.  
3. Adoration.  Go and sit in His presence and adore Him. Turn off the distractions and static of this world and feel the peace in His presence. 
4. Service. No matter what your daily duties are, keep Jesus squarely before you as you go about your day.  Tend to your responsibilities and offer them up in love to Our Lord.

These are just examples of ways you can make a “re-turn” to the Lord for all He has done. 

Easter Blessings and Peace!