It’s Easter! So What Now? Getting Clear on Who We Are and What We are Called To Be During The Easter Season

Happy Easter! In fact, we are celebrating the Easter Octave all week–leading right up to Divine Mercy Sunday! So may the peace, joy and hope of the the Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ be with you today and always. Alleluia! Alleluia!

Now that Lent is over though, you might be wondering, what’s next? How do I maintain the spiritual momentum I developed during Lent?

Most days, we seem to live life in what seem to be “grey” areas, and it’s difficult to know if you’re doing well as a spouse, parent, friend, or a person. But if you are able to gain clarity about how you’re doing, and then you combine this clarity with gradual improvement, your sense of self–worth will skyrocket. You will know better who you are, and you will be proving to yourself (and others) that you can become better than you were before.

Same thing applies to our spiritual life. Lent has been a time for us to see where we are spiritually, and we have been able to use the Lenten disciplines to move forward from there. Some of us may have moved forward dramatically in our spiritual lives, while others made some progress, while others may have made little to no apparent progress, or actually slipped backwards.

However, the reality of Easter, is that through Christ’s Passion, death and Resurrection, there IS new life within us. Not of our own doing, but His, and we are called during the Easter season to celebrate this new life within us.

So are you a person of possibility or impossibility? Do you believe holiness is possible or impossible?

The reality is that God has promised us that we have the possibility of eternal life with Him, and then Jesus showed us who to be and how to live, so holiness IS possible.

And because we know holiness is possible, I’d like to suggest 6 practical tips for your consideration to continue your spiritual journey this Easter season.

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Lastly, I cannot encourage you enough to SAY YES to grounding your life more concretely in the Eucharist, the source and summit of the Christian life.

You can do this by preparing for Mass by reading and meditating upon Sunday’s Gospel, and also by participate regularly in the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Or consider committing to attending one extra Mass each week; or cultivating a deeper appreciation and reverence for the Blessed Sacrament by setting aside time for Eucharistic Adoration, or just stop by the Church for a visit to the Blessed Sacrament at some point during the week.

Whichever (or all!) of these suggestions you choose to do, I pray that you SAY YES to them wholeheartedly, and that you find encouragement in knowing of my prayers being offered for you that these suggestions help to bring about much grace in your life this Easter season and throughout your journey to holiness!