St Monica, Pray for Us!

Today’s memorial of St Monica particularly tugs at my heart because our three sons in their own ways are not as close to Jesus as I would desire for them.

Am fairly certain that ALL parents have desires for their children that have yet to come to fruition. Therefore, we can probably identify with St Monica’s deepest desire and longing for her son, St Augustine, to come to know the reason for her (and our!) hope and joy–Jesus Christ.

On a personal note, my prayers (and tears) are similar ones for our sons–that not only may they come to know our Lord, but that they may someday also come to love Him as much as He loves them.

St Monica, Pray for us!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the story of Saint Monica and her son, Augustine’s conversion, enjoy this article from Claire Dwyer:

So Many Tears, St Monica