Say Yes to Newsletter #25

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Say Yes to Holiness Newsletter #25

Greetings, my Fellow Pilgrims on the Way!

Food for the Head
“There are some who desire knowledge merely for its own sake; and that is shameful curiosity. And there are others who desire to know, in order that they may themselves be known; and that is vanity, disgraceful too. Others again, desire knowledge in order to acquire money or preferment by it; that too is a discreditable quest. But there are also some who desire knowledge, that they may build up the souls of others with it and that is charity. Others, again, desire it that they may themselves be built up thereby; and that is prudence. Of all these types, only the last two put knowledge to the right use.” -St. Bernard

How often do we misuse the knowledge that we have access to? Or how often do we seek knowledge only for the betterment of ourselves? In other words, do we seek knowledge in order to help and encourage others? Or do we seek knowledge in order to tear others down through gossip or detraction?

This week, examine your motives for why you seek knowledge. Ensure that your motives are rooted in charity and prudence. If not, make a resolution to not seek or use knowledge except in ways that assist and build up others.

Food for the Heart

“The strength of the soul consists in its faculties, passions and desires, all of which are governed by the will. Now when these faculties, passions and desires are directed by the will toward God, and turned away from all that is not God, then the strength of the soul is kept for God, and thus the soul is able to love God with all its strength.” — St. John of the Cross, p. 259, Ascent to Mt CarmelExamine whether your faculties, passions and desires are directed by God’s will, or by your own. And then this week, make a resolution to turn away from at least one thing that is not God so you may be able to love God more.

Food for the Hands

“When we attend to the needs of those in want, we give them what is theirs, not ours. More than performing works of mercy, we are paying a debt of justice.” — Pope Saint Gregory the Great

Do you truly believe that all you have is a gift from God to share with others? Do you give as much as possible–even if it hurts? It is not enough to be charitable, we must be charity–love itself–to all whom we encounter. Why? So we may express our gratitude for God’s graciousness to us, and in this way, we pay the debt we owe others that was incurred because of God’s great gifts to us.

Do you share all of your gifts with others without thought of the cost? This week, perform an act of mercy without thought to the cost. Just do it.

Food for the Feet

“Though the path is plain and smooth for men of good will, he who walks it will not travel far, and will do so only with difficulty, if he does not have good feet: that is, courage and a persevering spirit.” -St. John of the Cross

Courage and a persevering spirit are not virtues held in great esteem in our world today as people are rewarded for not speaking out, going along with the crowd, or for quitting a task or a relationship if it gets too difficult.

This week, examine your life to determine where you may need to exercise more courage or perseverance–in a task? In a relationship? In a group? Then make a resolution to be more courageous or to persevere in the particular area you identified.

Did You Know?

“I know well that the greater and more beautiful the work is, the more terrible will be the storms that rage against it.” -St. Faustina


One of the greatest challenges in our world today is to have faith and trust in the midst of the challenges that WILL come as a result of the work you are doing alongside our Lord in His vineyard. The challenges will most definitely come, and this is particularly true in ministry within His Church. Satan loves nothing better than to turn God’s people against one another, and the signs of Satan’s presence are division, discouragement and despair. This is not coincidence.

Because when you look at these signs of the Evil One’s presence, you can see that they are directly in contradiction to the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity. Division comes from a lack of faith in God, ourselves and those around us. Discouragement is a lack of hope in the promises God has made that He will care for all of our needs, and that there is no reason to worry or be anxious. And despair is a lack of charity. How? When we despair we no longer believe in the power of love, and the reality that Love CAN overcome anything.

How? Simple. God IS Love.

But division, discouragement and despair are grounded in a lack of trust. Satan wants us to not trust God and His plan for each of our lives, and how it is that God will use us as His loving instruments to bring about HIS plan–not just in our lives, but for the world.

So this week, do whatever it takes to say NO to Satan and his lies, and to trust in the love that God has for you, a love that took Him to the cross, but a love that all raised Him from the dead so that we might have eternal life and be with Him for all eternity.

SAY YES to God’s love and His promises, so you can tell the Master of Death, NOT TODAY.

God bless each one of you, and I look forward to seeing you on the Way soon!

All the best,




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