2019 Advent Catholic Mom’s Bundle Available Now!

Am always looking for ways to do whatever it takes to help others grow closer to God and become more like Jesus, and one beautiful opportunity that came my way is the 2019Advent Catholic Mom’s Bundle.

Ten of the 24 products are centered specifically on Advent and Christmas, so the perfect thing to get and take care of the family!

Here are a few of what is in the 2019 Advent Catholic Moms bundle:

  • Advent Sewing Projects
  • Saints Trading Cards
  • Saint Nicholas Activity Bundle
  • 7 Ways to Uplevel Your Family Meal Prayers
  • Adoration Prayer Bundle for Moms and Children
  • Marriage Bundle
  • Family Toolkit Bundle
  • E-Courses like my own 3 Keys to a Deeper Relationship with God
  • A Busy Catholic Woman’s Daily Planning Routine
  • And many more!

There are even more workbooks, printables, courses, and eBooks in the Catholic Mom Bundle. Ordinarily everything would cost $362. That’s a good chunk of change! But for these 5 days, all of the creators are selling our products as a bundle for only $25, so I encourage you to ACT NOW and get your bundle today!