Tough Love the Sparta Way

I was reading a recent blog post by the guys at Built to Lead recently, and the last paragraph really struck me:

Today, study some history; namely your own. Root out your cowardice, your avarice, and take a stand. Stop excusing yourself. Stop blaming the culture. Stop wondering if you’ll stand alone. Stop hoping somebody else will do it. Become one of the few who stand.

Are we ready to take our stand, especially for Christ?

How well have we rooted out cowardice? Do we hesitate to share our thoughts or beliefs because we are concerned with might “offend” someone?

Avarice is the desire for more. More stuff, more money, more power. So how well am I controlling my desires? How much do I put other things before the things of God? Am I truly putting “first things first”?

Do I resist being someone who stands out in the crowd? Do I seek to not be noticed or different in my attitudes and lifestyle?

And when I honestly look at what my attitudes are and the lifestyle that I currently live, do I make excuses for my behavior? Do I hear myself say, “Everybody lives like this” or “It’s not realistic to live Gospel values in this secular world” or “If only others would do it, then I would, too”?

I have but one word for you (and me).


Love yourself enough to stop making excuses. Love yourself enough to stop not striving for holiness. Stop allowing yourself to be less than who God created you to be—a person loved beyond measure who is destined to become a living, breathing, wonderworking Saint who is on Fire with, and radiates the love and mercy of Christ to all whom you encounter in your daily life.

So here’s the one piece of advice that hit me hard between the eyes courtesy of my brothers at Born to Lead:

Become one of the few who stand.

Whatever it takes.