Two Opportunities For Spiritual Growth In The Atlanta Area The Weekend of February 8th-9th

Just wanted to pass on two PHENOMENAL opportunities for your consideration in case you live ANYWHERE in/around the Atlanta area.

Dr Mike Scherschligt (whose daily rosary meditation podcast I HIGHLY recommend), and Dr Troy Hinkle of the Holy Family School of Faith located in the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas are the main speakers for both a women’s retreat day and a men’s morning of recollection.

Both opportunities are happening at Holy Trinity Catholic Church the weekend of February 8th and 9th.

Saturday, February 8th is a retreat day for women, and there is both an English and Spanish track. The Blossom Retreat day also has child care for anyone who registers online. You can check out the webpage and register here.

Sunday, February 9th is a men’s morning of reflection, and more information as well as registration can be found here.

I HIGHLY encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunities!

(And I am planning to make the trip myself, so let me know if you are coming, as I would love to connect with you!)

So, you here is your mission if you choose to accept it…

Ladies, get your guys there. And guys, do the same for your ladies.

Nothing better than a gift that can help someone you love have an opportunity to grow in holiness!

Christina Semmens is a Roman Catholic author, blogger, speaker and mentor. She currently lives in Fort Payne, Alabama where she strives to live out a life of authentic discipleship in the pursuit of holiness while empowering, teaching and accompanying others in striving to do the same. 

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