Imitating Mary While Publishing A Book (Or Any Other Activity of Daily Life)

Here is my weekly recorded YouTube video for all of you since I can’t won’t be able to go Live on my YouTube Channel until I have another 962 subscribers (thanks to the 8 of you who subscribed this week!), but here is my next video that focuses upon connecting faith and daily life.

This time, I reflected upon the challenge of trying to imitate Mary as I have been publishing my book, but the wisdom here from the Blessed Virgin Mary applies to just about any activity of daily life, so hopefully it helps inspire, encourage and accompany you on the journey towards holiness!

These are the words of wisdom that I share in the video from Venerable Mary of Agreda’s book, The Mystical City of God.

“Be patient without envy, kind without offense, Be without anger, pride or ambition, Think I’ll of no one, and suffer and tolerate all things, Do things calmly, peacefully, patiently and with perseverance.”


Imitating Mary While Publishing A Book (Or Any Other Activity of Daily Life)

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