“Can’t Go Beyond What You’re Taught”–Justin Randsdorp–1 on 1 Summit Interview

One of the Say Yes to Holiness Summit panelists who participated in this spring’s Say Yes to Holiness Tranformation Online Summit was Justin Randsdorp. Justin studied Kinesiology at Liberty University and received his Master’s of Occupational Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University, and now runs his own OT practice, Functional Freedom, LLC.

Functional Freedom LLC was founded by Justin and his wife, Kourtney, in 2018. Their vision for Functional Freedom was inspired by the eminent need they see for Occupational Therapy to return to its roots: function in a person’s natural environment. They believe that a patient can benefit from consistency with their therapist, a concept lacking with larger rehabilitation companies. Functional Freedom seeks to assist people in regaining function which can ultimately set them free and ensure the greatest quality of life!

In this special episode of the Say Yes to Holiness podcast, Christina and Justin continue the conversation begun during the Say Yes Summit, exploring how it is that openness to continuous conversion is applicable in all areas of our lives because “You can’t go beyond what your’re taught.”

This realization in his own struggles in his health journey has galvanized Justin to share what he has learned with others, particularly other men. Justin focuses upon coching busy, successful men to crush health goals through biohacking, so they become UNSTOPPABLE. And in so doing, their potential as men is fully unleashed into the world in its magnificent and glorious splendor, for as Justin shared, “Men love to be good at something.”

Justin brings this all about in the Unstoppable Man Health Plan by helping men optimize the four foundational pillars: physical, mental, social and spiritual wellness. He helps them connect the dots, get to the root cause of any barriers or symptoms, and optimize their hormones and cellular health. Justin firmly believes that feeling “okay” or “good” is not enough… rather, every man is made to be UNSTOPPABLE.

What I learned during my conversation with Justin was truly illuminating, especially in having a deeper appreciation, admiration and respect for all the men in my life. So I invite each of you to pull up a chair, or go for a walk as you listen to my conversation with Justin, a true pioneer in the field of men’s health and wellness.

I pray that you take the time to listen not just for your own edification, but out of a deep love for every man in your life.

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