Listen. Learn. Love. Live. The 4 Keys to Faith and Life.

Here is my weekly recorded YouTube video for all of you as I continue to build up my YouTube Channel until I have 1000 subscribers. (Now up to 43, so thank you to those who subscribed this week–only another 957 to go!)

This is the next video in the Connections Between Faith and Daily Life series where I focus upon the four keys to to finding faith and in life. .

This time, I share about the importance of practicing 4 habits–listening, learning, loving and living. These are intricately tied to being able to know, love, and serve God, but in a special way, to be transformed so that our very lives become a reflection of God’s love and mercy so that others may be drawn to come to encounter Jesus and be the saint that God created them to be and discover the life God desires for each of us–lives of purpose, peace and abundance.

I also highlighted the opportunity to join the upcoming Say Yes to Holiness Today 40 Day Challenge (see flyer below) that begins THIS Friday (July 31st), and the release of my new book for purchase on Amazon, Say Yes: Discovering Purpose, Peace and Abundance in Daily Life.

May this video help inspire, encourage and accompany you on the journey towards holiness!


Listen. Learn. Love. Live. The 4 Keys to Faith and Life

Christina Semmens is a Roman Catholic author, speaker, and coach and host of the Say Yes to Holiness podcast. She currently lives in Fort Payne, Alabama where she strives to live out a life of authentic discipleship in the pursuit of holiness while empowering, teaching and accompanying others in striving to do the same. 

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