Hamilton Revisted–How To Listen, Learn, Love and Live

Here is the next weekly addition to the Connections Between Faith and Daily Life series! This playlist is part of the Say Yes to Holiness YouTube Channel, and this week, I revist the Broadway musical, now turned movie, Hamilton, and speak abot the connections between the movie’s messages and the four keys to to finding faith and in life.

As I revist some of the themes that I reflected upon in a previous blog post (“History Has Its Eyes On You”–Hamilton-Inspired Observations For the Journey Towards Holiness), I used the 4 keys to faith and life–listening, learning, loving and living, as the framework for correlating the messages shared throughout the movie, and emphasized how recognizing and embracing these connections can help to inspire and encourage us on the journey to strive for holiness and embrace the life God created us for us–lives of purpose, peace and abundance.

These themes are also being explored and reflected upon in the Say Yes to Holiness Today 40 Day Challenge (see flyer below). Although the Challenge is already underway, it is completely possible to jump in and begin participating at any point. Additionally, the Challenge is focusing upon content from my newly released book that is available to purchase on Amazon, Say Yes: Discovering Purpose, Peace and Abundance in Daily Life.

Know of my prayers that this video helps to inspire, encourage and accompany you on the journey towards holiness!


Hamilton Revisted–How to Listen, Learn, Love, & Live.