“Never Give Up On Life!” Say Yes to Holiness Podcast Interview with Brenden Flynn

This last week, I had the pleasure of hosting Brenden Flynn on the Say Yes to Holiness podcast. I connected with Brenden through the SmartCatholics.com platform, and once I learned a little of his story, I invited him on to the podcast because of his inspiring personal life story.

Brenden was only 18 years old when he suffered a traumatic brain injury, the doctors wanted to give him up for dead. He proved everyone wrong and now talks about it openly. He uses the knowledge he’s gained about life circumstances to be able to help totally change people’s outlooks.

Brenden never knew how much his life would change the day that he went to visit a new program being offered for people with brain injuries.

When he walked into the room he was greeted by someone he knew, but then noticed someone he didn’t know. It was a beautiful girl, and after they were introduced he was amazed that she had a brain injury. Shortly after meeting the group traveled to give a presentation in Albany, NY. They were assigned to the same car and spoke the entire way down. On the way home they started dating, and after just two weeks Brenden knew it was meant to be. He proposed shortly after and they were married less than a year later. No one knew how powerful these two would become, not even them. Their stories open people’s eyes to what they have, and make them truly appreciate life.

The rest of their story remains unwritten, and they now share their message of life and hard work all over the world.

When I caught up with Brenden for the podcast, he was out with his wife and family tendign to errands in anticipation of the imminent birth of their 5th child (expected any day now!), and our conversation ran the gamut of the value of life, Natural Family Planning, the rosary and Saint Kateri Tekawitha.

I hope that you are as encouraged and inspired as I was from this conversation with Brenden, and that you, too, “Never Give Up On Life!”

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You can find out more about Brenden and his speaking ministry at: www.trialsoffaith.com

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