My Gift To You On This 10th Day of Christmas…

On this 10th day of Christmas, my gift to you revolves around the Ten Lords a Leaping–who in the Twelve Days of Christmas song are representative of the Ten Commandments. In addition, I also have had the privilege of praying and working alongside members of a women’s religious community that is very near and dear to my heart–the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word (SSeW) who are located at Casa Maria Convent and Retreat House in Irondale, Alabama.

The Sister Servants of the Eternal Word is a public association of the faithful founded by Mother Mary Gabriel Long in 1987. The community is contemplative-active, committed to evangelization through catechesis and retreats, according to the ideals of St. Francis and St. Dominic who rebuilt the Church in Truth and Charity.

Holy Mother Church always includes Francis and Dominic together in the Litany of the Saints. St. Francis and St. Dominic are examples of poverty and learning as well as their heroic obedience to the Pope and to the Magisterium of the Church. The unity of their hearts in Jesus Christ and their loving devotion to His Immaculate Mother typify the unity, love and zeal that gave impetus to and sealed their friendship.

The Sister Servants run Casa Maria Retreat House, and also participate in family catechesis, Sacramental preparation, and other catechetical missions throughout the diocese, teaching “spiritual things spiritually.” (1 Cor 2:13) They invoke the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for them and accompany them in their apostolate. They encourage true devotion to her and zealously promote her Holy Rosary. (cf. Constitutions).

Because of the Sister Servants focus upon evangelization through catechesis and retreats, it is extremely appropriate to be sharing their efforts with you to help bring others to Christ while ensuring they are given the opportunity to receive and experience the rich catechetical tradition of the Church–of which the Ten Commandments are a intrinsic and irreplaceable part.

So, today, on this 10th Day of Christmas, my 10 gifts to you are from both my own ministry and from the ministry and work of the Sister Servants. Enjoy!

  1. Say Yes to Holiness Recommended Books for Spiritual Reading

2. Examination of Conscience using the Ten Commandments

3. Link to Aleteia article and Video of Sister Servants rendition of “I’ll Fly Away”

4. Link to Sister Servants singing of Las Mananitas in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe

5. Link to Sister Servants singing of Vespers at Cathedral of St Paul in Birmingham, Alabama

6.  Link to audio recordings of weekend retreat held at Casa Maria, “St Joseph: The Man and the Saint”

7.  Link to Video of Sr Rita Marie’s 10 Books for Your Spiritual Growth

8. Link to Video Tour of Casa Maria Convent and Retreat House

9. Link to Video Talk by Sr Mary Anthony “The Rosary as our Weapon in Our Spiritual Battle and the Battle of Lepanto”

10. Link to Sister Servants Blog Page

May your Christmas season continue to be filled with many blessings!

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