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Best Theory of How Credence Could Be a Dumbledore from Fantastic Beasts:Crimes of Grindelwald

Had to share this blog post from as it brilliantly explains what (and how) the huge reveal at the end of the Crimes of Grindelwald is possible. From my lowly perspective of having being a Rowling fan since her first book was published in 1998, and also intentionally studied her writing style under the tutelage of the Hogwarts Professor himself, John Granger, this theory rings as true to me now as the reality that the original Harry Potter series was a Christian morality tale almost twenty years ago. Only time will tell if I am correct this time around […]

It Would Be A Crime to NOT Go See The New Fantastic Beasts Movie

So, I went and saw the latest movie installment of the Fantastic Beasts series: Crimes of Grindelwald, AND then I proceeded to also devour the screenplay. Once again, Jo Rowling has conjured up a brilliant and satisfying tale that will be enjoyed by fans both new to the Wizarding World along with bona fide Potterheads. Crimes of Grindelwald is a fast paced story that contains plenty of revelations, but it still leaves you wanting more, so although there’s another 2 year wait for Fantastic Beasts #3, I think it’ll be well worth it if the next ride is as magical […]

3 Reasons I Believe Dumbledore’s Sexuality Will NOT Be a Highlight of the Fantastic Beasts Movie Franchise

Recently, I was sharing with a friend my excitement about the upcoming November 16th release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. His response was very subdued, and when I queried him as to why, he responded, “I’m just not interested in seeing the whole Dumbledore-Grindelwald love story on screen.” I quickly assured him that I highly doubted that such a thing would happen, particularly since J.K. Rowling is the one writing the screenplay. Although my comments seemed to mollify my friend enough that he was willing to go see the movie, his reaction caused me to reflect that perhaps […]