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Episode #74–“The Inefficient Innovator”–1 on 1 Conversation with Jason Shanks, OSV Innovation Talk Speaker

This Say Yes to Holiness podcast episode continues the series of conversations with recent OSV Innovation Talk speakers. This time the discussion is with Jason Shanks, President of the OSV Institute of Innovation. Jason brings a wealth of background and experience to his role as President of OSV Institute, overseeing the annual OSV Challenge and OSV Talks, both launched to ignite creativity and entrepreneurship in the Catholic Church. His vision for renewal through innovation is unparalleled and stems from his conviction that the Church is evergreen from generation to generation and must be re-presented fresh and anew to today’s modern […]

Episode #71–“The Perfection of Imperfection”–1 on 1 Conversation with Doug Tooke, OSV Innovation Talk Speaker

This Say Yes to Holiness podcast episode finds Christina spending time in conversation with Doug Tooke of ODB Films. Doug also is a recent OSV Innovation Talk speaker. His talk is entitled, The Perfection of Imperfection, and in a very emotional and entertaining way, Doug discusses the pitfalls of perfectionism and how we can learn to be “a candid polaroid in a photoshop world.” Listen to: Episode #71–“The Perfection of Imperfection” Doug is also the Vice President of Mission for both ODB Films and the Renovo Media Group. With Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Philosophy and Theology and a Masters […]

Episode #69–“Leadership Means Being Uncomfortable”–1 on 1 Conversation with Kathy Kasten, Lioncrest Leadership

In this episode, Christina sits down to speak with Kathy Kasten, founder of Lioncrest Leadership. Kathy is also the author of several books, including Ready, Set, Lead! and Drawing Out the Leader in Me Activity Book. She is a John Maxwell Team Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer and also certified in using the DISC Behavioral Assessment.  Listen to: Episode #69–“Leadership Means Being Uncomfortable”–1 on 1 Conversation with Kathy Kasten Our conversation was far ranging, but it primarily revolved around leadership, especially how leadership is a skill that can be learned; that leaders comes in all shapes and sizes; and practical […]

“Helping People Meet Jesus”–1 on 1 Conversation With Pete Burak, Director of id

In the most recent episode of the Say Yes to Holiness podcast, I had the privilege of sitting down for an absolutely fabulous conversation with Pete Burak, Director of i.d.9:16. Pete had been a person I had been wanting to connect with for a while as I had been impressed with the work id was doing, but when I learned that Pete was going to be a part of the Renewal Ministries’ Pentecost Mission on May 30th (the first session begins on Pentecost, you can sign up here), I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me hard that NOW was the […]

Blessings Abound! Am Featured On The LadyBoss Blogger Blog!

Recently, I was interviewed and featured on LadyBoss Blogger, a blog with an audience of more than 200K which seeks to help people, especially entrepreneurs, share their stories, and has the tagline, “Launch, Grow, And Monetize Your Blog And Instagram.” You can check out my LadyBoss Blogger feature “Christina Semmens Helps Women Say Yes To Holiness” Elaine Rau, the founder of LadyBoss Blogger, has a phenomenal backstory to how she came to be doing what she is doing today, and both of us are similarly passionate about the power of story and how sharing it with others is of vital […]

Want A Way Into Clubhouse?

Many of you might have heard about the new IPhone social media app, Clubhouse. The Guardian wrote this about Clubhouse last month: “Part talkback radio, part conference call, part Houseparty, Clubhouse is a social networking app based on audio-chat. Users can listen in to conversations, interviews and discussions between interesting people on various topics – it is just like tuning in to a podcast but live and with an added layer of exclusivity. Well, I was blessed with a Clubhouse invite about a month ago, and I can honestly say that it is a marvelously fun time! My experience has […]

Are You Robbing Yourself of the Life You Desire?–Connections Between Faith and Life YouTube Series

This week in the latest addition to the Connections Between Faith and Daily Life YouTube series, I speak about how we tend to speak lies to ourselves which ultimately rob us of the very life that we desire. I sepak directly to those lies so you identify them in your own life and set them aside as you continue the journey towards holiness. Watch Are You Robbing Yourself of the Life You Desire? I hope this video inspires, encourages and helps you move you through whatever you may be currently experiencing, as well as allow you to focus upon setting […]

The Challenges and Joys of Discipleship, Mission and Sharing the Good News

This last week, I was part of the radio show, Southern Catholic Living, which is co-hosted by Alex Kubik. Alex is the Director of the Office of Discipleship and Mission for the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama, and in addition to being a good friend, he also was gracious enough to serve as a panelist for the Say Yes to Holiness Tranformation Online Summit held earlier this year. In addition to supporting missionary discipleship at all levels of mission and ministry, his office also provides service for young adults and campus ministry. Alex has over twenty years experience in Catholic […]

After Diagnosis–Life! The Summit Speaker 1 on 1 Interview Series–Dr. Jim Henry

Dr. Jim Henry is an author, speaker and pastoral minister who served as part of a discussion panels during the Say Yes to Holiness Transformation Online Summit held May 19-22, 2020. Jim is the Founder & Creator of The Life Givers Network®.  His primary objective is to provide every person diagnosed with a life-threatening or life- altering illness an opportunity to experience abundant life, no matter how severe the diagnosis or how poor the prognosis. Although the Life Givers Network is based in New Jersey, the organization just went through an extensive overhaul of their online presence so as to […]

Definitely Not Lukewarm! The Summit Speaker 1 on 1 Interview Series–Deanna Bartalini

Deanna Bartalini is an author, speaker and pastoral minister who was served as one of the discussion panels of the Say Yes to Holiness Transformation Online Summit held May 19-22, 2020. In this special episode of the Say Yes to Holiness podcast, which is part of the Summit Speaker 1 on 1 Interview Series, Christina and Deanna continue the conversation begun during the Say Yes Summit and highlight Deanna’s efforts to give people what they need to live a life of abundance. For Deanna, she shared that it’s about sharing the truth, beauty and goodness of our faith and how […]