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Episode #77–“Bruce Lee Was A Master Evangelist”–1 on 1 Conversation with Jared Zimmerer, OSV Innovation Talk Speaker

This week’s Say Yes to Holiness 1 on 1 Conversation podcast episode is with Jared Zimmerer, Director of the Word on Fire Institute, and continues the OSV Innovation Talk speaker series. So, can Kung Fu inform modern evangelization? The answer is yes and the tactics will startle you! This was a part of our conversation as well as Jared’s talk, entitled, “Bruce Lee Was A Master Evangelist” which will send you on a mission to explore how the practices of a martial artist can assist in sharing the Gospel in the 21st Century. Jared’s love for Bruce Lee taught him […]

Struggling To Become Perfect As An Imperfect Person

Our world is fascinated with perfection. Look around and you can see it. People striving to look perfect. People trying to do their work perfectly so they can get a raise or an “A” in a class. Others striving to give the perfect pitch in order to be on a television show or a guest on a podcast. Others straining to deliver the perfect athletic performance in order to win a competition or set a new record in achievement. And others laboring to craft the perfect phrase, perfect come back or perfect joke. Admit it. We all want to be […]