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Episode #72–“Exploring, Not Wandering”–Conversation with Karen and Curtis Hebert, Themelios Coaching

Recently, Christina sat down to speak with Karen and Curtis Herbert of Themelios Coaching. We had crossed paths during a business networking event hosted by The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, and our common business coach, Kelly Roach, and as soon as we met, I knew that I needed to have them on the Say Yes to Holiness podcast because of the phenomenal work they are doing with women, particularly moms. Listen to: Episode #72–“Exploring, Not Wandering” Themelios Coaching supports women who are entering the empty nest period of their life. Primarily, they focus upon helping you manage the transition, navigate your changing relationships, […]

5 Signs That You Are Doing What God Wants You To Do In Your Daily Life—YouTube series

Here is the latest addition to the Connections Between Faith and Daily Life series on the Say Yes to Holiness YouTube channel! This week, Christina shares about 5 Signs That You Are Doing What God Wants You To Do In Daily Life. This is a subject that consistently is being asked about in our world, especially now in the midst of all the disruption that continues to be caused by the COVID pandemic. May this video bring you insight into how you can properly determine if you are doing God’s will in your daily life so you can more fully […]