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“Most Important Thing is Relationships and Fostering the Faith of Others–Interview with Anne DeSantis on Say Yes to Holiness Podcast

Anne DeSantis is the director of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation for Freedom, Family, and Faith. She has been in the position of director for the foundation since January 2018, and she started working for the foundation is 2017.  She is honored to represent the Mercedarian family to help those in crisis situations and to spread the love of Christ to all she encounters. As a child of divorce, Anne’s perspective comes through her experience as an adult child of divorce.  She offers continued prayers for all those she encounters who have been affected by divorce and separation. This has motivated her in […]

“You’re Only As Happy As Your Most Unhappy Child”–Steve Markel & Families of Character

Last month before I became sick I was able to have a most wonderful conversation with the great people at Families of Character, an organization committed to providing families the best tools to make home the most loving and unified place for children to grow. The goal is for them to understand that even if their family life feels off course or divided, change is always possible. As we prepare to head into the Fourth of July weekend–one of the most family focused holidays of our country, I thought this would be a wonderful time to share this episode with […]

True Self-Care

Came across this short post about what TRUE self-care looks like for those of us striving to grow closer to God and become more like Jesus. Great things to meditate and reflect upon! http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001sbC2Ys_l_b4d1bAnOXr68-sIOkRnlsKsSrWtExmK3WOz4uWTtmZpP6HM68Dv3DijHZymS2h9AcxMuKZ4FTVXbaXks-Ip7KgpIQIiJwe5QBySjdaO5Wk1KqghCsSqGsKNv5brBzuP394T3Jj2Y_dtbwHXxaKzj9goBlH_eNct5MccLFVVBpkWrw==&c=J0ezP9YDarg_kyaC8GEmP1nP8guvLM0ZSGy3N2jQT0BSeHVoqLZdsA==&ch=4BMtHC3uAZxd1oKO1pBbGTE3vAp1vF-nuK7Gcv2D_GVoV6QEgcS-Og==