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“Maybe We Should Bring Our Children To Pray”–Podcast Interview with Blythe Kaufman, Author and Founder of Children’s Rosary Movement

Blythe Kaufman and I originally crossed paths in the midst of our involvement in the “God is Mercy” Online Conference that was hosted as part of the SmartCatholics Community. I volunteered to help out with hosting several of the conference sessions, and Blythe was the speaker for one of the sessions. From the moment she began to share about her apostolic work with children, I knew I needed to convince her to be on the Say Yes to Holiness podcast! There are two primary activities that Blythe is involved with. The first is the Children’s Rosary, which is a lay […]

Direct Order from Saint Pope John Paul II Results in Decades of Books and Work for Monica McConkey—Say Yes to Holiness Podcast 1 on 1 Conversation

Monica McConkey and I have been crossing paths for the last five years–even though we weren’t aware of it until about a year ago! But God finally gave us occasion to connect, and the result has been a great joy as we have each discovered many common interests–both of us are wives, moms and authors, and we also each have the desire to serve God as best we can in the vineyard. For Monica, in addition to being wife and mom of 5 kids, she is also a designer, an architecture school survivor, and a crafter. She and her husband […]

2019 Advent Catholic Mom Bundle Deal Ends Friday!

Just a reminder to everyone that the 2019 Advent Catholic Mom Bundle Deal ends THIS Friday, so ACT NOW if you want to save more than $300 on 24 different Catholic items. The items include eBooks, printables and online courses (including my own 3 Keys to a Deeper Relationship with God), so I invite you to click here to check them all out and to get your bundle today!

2019 Advent Catholic Mom’s Bundle Available Now!

Am always looking for ways to do whatever it takes to help others grow closer to God and become more like Jesus, and one beautiful opportunity that came my way is the 2019Advent Catholic Mom’s Bundle. Ten of the 24 products are centered specifically on Advent and Christmas, so the perfect thing to get and take care of the family! Here are a few of what is in the 2019 Advent Catholic Moms bundle: Advent Sewing Projects Saints Trading Cards Saint Nicholas Activity Bundle 7 Ways to Uplevel Your Family Meal Prayers Adoration Prayer Bundle for Moms and Children Marriage […]