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4 Ways to Get Better at Forgiving Others

Here is the latest addition to the Connections Between Faith and Daily Life series on the Say Yes to Holiness YouTube channel. This week, I speak about 4 ways that we can get better at forgiving others. This topic came as a result of discussion happening during the Say Yes to Holiness Today 40 Day Challenge (see flyer below) that is occuring now until September 8th. You can still join the Say Yes to Holiness Today 40 Day Challenge by simply joining the Say Yes to Holiness Today private FB group, or by texting SAYYESTOHOLINESS to 66866 in order to […]

Are You Feeling Like A Failure Right Now?

We all have done things that we are ashamed of. I know I sure have. The things that when we look back, we go, “Man, I TOTALLY messed that up!” Or maybe it’s just little stuff like getting impatient with someone who is driving too slowly and we flip them a not so kind hand gesture, or we speak harshly words to our son when he interrupts what we are doing when all he wants to do is share his enthusaism about something he just learned or did. And in the process of those big and small failures, a level […]