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Hamilton Revisted–How To Listen, Learn, Love and Live

Here is the next weekly addition to the Connections Between Faith and Daily Life series! This playlist is part of the Say Yes to Holiness YouTube Channel, and this week, I revist the Broadway musical, now turned movie, Hamilton, and speak abot the connections between the movie’s messages and the four keys to to finding faith and in life. As I revist some of the themes that I reflected upon in a previous blog post (“History Has Its Eyes On You”–Hamilton-Inspired Observations For the Journey Towards Holiness), I used the 4 keys to faith and life–listening, learning, loving and living, […]

Hamilton, The Founding Fathers And The Journey Towards Holiness—Episode 28 (.2!) of the Say Yes to Holiness Podcast

Gotta love how God keeps you humble! I just completed my latest Say Yes to Holiness podcast episode and realized after I published it that I had done another Episode 28! LOL Needless to say, this Episode 28 is most definitely different as I delve back into my love of history and intertwine some lessons for the journey towards holiness into this week’s conversation that has been inspired by the recent release of the Broadway play musical, turned movie, Hamilton: An American Musical. I hope my musings and the Hamilton inspired conversation helps encourage you on the journey towards holiness, […]

“History Has Its Eyes On You”–Hamilton-Inspired Observations For the Journey Towards Holiness

One positive of still recovering from COVID was the opportunity to watch the Broadway play, now turned movie, Hamilton: An American Musical, at two different points over the holiday weekend. I first had the privilege two summers ago in Atlanta when the Broadway show went on the road, and just like when I experienced it live, the movie of the taped musical was just as powerful. For those of you who might have missed all the theatrical hubbub over the last four years, Hamilton tells the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Wikipedia adds that the play was inspired by the […]