Holy Saturday

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And So We Wait In Silence And Hope…

Today is my favorite day of the Sacred Triduum—Holy Saturday. Why you may ask? Because it is a day that is full of possibilities that we know are going to be made real. Very simply, we know darkness, sin and death are conquered. We know that Jesus will rise from the dead on Easter morning. We know the ending of the story. But often, I think knowing how the story ends makes us impatient. We want all the possibilities now. It’s like Christmas Eve and we want to open our gifts before we go to Christmas Eve service. But it’s […]

The Great Gifts of Holy Saturday For Our COVID-19 Life

Confused? Disoriented? Questions? Was watching a video by Matthew Kelly in which he focused upon the reality of that first Holy Saturday—mainly, that there probably wasn’t anyone walking around going, “Hey, it’s going to be ok. Remember Jesus said that He would be back in three days and that all will be well, and darkness, sin and death would be no more.” He pointed out that it probably wasn’t like that. Rather, it was probably that everyone was sitting around confused, disoriented and full of questions. And it struck me that the reality of the first Holy Saturday is what […]

“Awake, O Sleeper! Arise from Your Sleep!”and “Get On Board, Little Children, There’s Room For Many A’more”

On this Holy Saturday, as we wait in silence by the tomb of our Lord, it can be difficult to understand that Jesus is actually still going about the work of His Father today. In fact, I would argue that the work He is “doing” today is just as important as the work He did leading up to His Passion and death–the work of bringing about the redemption of everyone. Yes, that’s right. Everyone. Because today, Jesus has “descended into hell.” This ancient homily from the 2nd century explains exactly what the Lord’s Descent into Hell did, as Jesus proclaims […]