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Want to 10X Your Business, Apostolate and Life?

Greetings, Everyone! This message is a bit different from my usual ones, but it touches on how we can go about responding to the deep desires and yearnings that we all have in our hearts to make an impact in the world, reach our goals, and help others. In the midst of this pandemic, I think we have all become a bit more aware of those deep desires and longings, so my question to you is this: Do you now have an awareness that you are yearning to do something else with your life? Or perhaps you know that you […]

My Gift To You On This Wondrous Christmas Day!

First, thank you to each of you for being a part of the Say Yes Community! The great feast of Christmas is finally here! So, my gift to you on this Christmas Day is a prayer written by St Bernard of Clairvaux: “Let your goodness, Lord, appear to us, that we, made in your image, conform ourselves to it. In our own strength we cannot imitate your majesty, power and wonder; nor is it fitting for us to try. But your mercy reaches from the heavens, through the clouds, to the earth below. You have come to us as a […]

“Never Give Up On Life!” Say Yes to Holiness Podcast Interview with Brenden Flynn

This last week, I had the pleasure of hosting Brenden Flynn on the Say Yes to Holiness podcast. I connected with Brenden through the platform, and once I learned a little of his story, I invited him on to the podcast because of his inspiring personal life story. Brenden was only 18 years old when he suffered a traumatic brain injury, the doctors wanted to give him up for dead. He proved everyone wrong and now talks about it openly. He uses the knowledge he’s gained about life circumstances to be able to help totally change people’s outlooks. Brenden […]

5 Signs That You Are Doing What God Wants You To Do In Your Daily Life—YouTube series

Here is the latest addition to the Connections Between Faith and Daily Life series on the Say Yes to Holiness YouTube channel! This week, Christina shares about 5 Signs That You Are Doing What God Wants You To Do In Daily Life. This is a subject that consistently is being asked about in our world, especially now in the midst of all the disruption that continues to be caused by the COVID pandemic. May this video bring you insight into how you can properly determine if you are doing God’s will in your daily life so you can more fully […]

Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos—Connections Between Faith and Life YouTube Series

Here is the latest addition to the Connections Between Faith and Daily Life series on the Say Yes to Holiness YouTube channel. I recorded and released this video a couple of days ago on YouTube, but then neglected to let the Say Yes to Holiness community know! You might understand why once you watch Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos. This is a subject that is really touching home in a particular way this week for me, but I know what I am experiencing this week is similar to what many are dealing with out there, especially amid the COVID pandemic. […]

Become Unhackable To Embrace the Life God Created You For

I’ve had folks reach out to me about becoming “Unhackable” (my topic yesterday during my Facebook Live video—you can watch it here if you are on FB), but here is a brief summary: Unhackable helps you become clear, focused and on fire in your work and personal life through a step by step 30 day plan that helps you get your dream done. It’s the Elixir for Creating Flawless Ideas, Leveraging Superhuman Focus, and Achieving Optimal Human Performance Through Flow. No matter who you are or what you do, you can benefit from participating in this process. Our world has […]

Hamilton, The Founding Fathers And The Journey Towards Holiness—Episode 28 (.2!) of the Say Yes to Holiness Podcast

Gotta love how God keeps you humble! I just completed my latest Say Yes to Holiness podcast episode and realized after I published it that I had done another Episode 28! LOL Needless to say, this Episode 28 is most definitely different as I delve back into my love of history and intertwine some lessons for the journey towards holiness into this week’s conversation that has been inspired by the recent release of the Broadway play musical, turned movie, Hamilton: An American Musical. I hope my musings and the Hamilton inspired conversation helps encourage you on the journey towards holiness, […]

Brain Fog or Wisdom for the Journey? My Attempt At The Latter…—Episode 28 of the Say Yes To Holiness Podcast

From the depths of my COVID induced brain fog, I tried to shared some Food for the Head, Heart, Hands and Feet to help inspire, encourage and nourish you for the journey. Hope you find the conversation to be of benefit as each of us strives to try and do God’s will each day! Episode 28–Brain Fog or Wisdom for the Journey? My Best Attempt at the Later Christina Semmens is a Roman Catholic author, speaker, and coach and host of the Say Yes to Holiness podcast. She currently lives in Fort Payne, Alabama where she strives to live out […]

What Is The Path Ahead?

Greetings. I pray that this find each of you safe and healthy in the midst of these extremely challenging times. Here is Episode 26 of the Say Yes to Holiness podcast which is entitled, “What’s the Path Ahead in Our Current World of Turmoil?” In this episode, I provide food for the head, heart, hands and feet as I also touch upon the current circumstances in our nation in response to the death of George Floyd and what any response needs to include in our own lives. Know of my continued prayers for each of you in our pursuit of […]

“Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?”

These are the words of Saint Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:55, but they were immortalized in an Easter homily by Saint John Chrysostom when he proclaimed: “O Death, where is your sting? O Hell, where is your victory? Christ is risen, and you are overthrown. Christ is risen, and the demons are fallen. Christ is risen, and the angels rejoice. Christ is risen, and life reigns. Christ is risen, and not one dead remains in the grave. For Christ, being risen from the dead, is become the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep. To Him be glory and […]