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Everything Matters–1 on 1 Conversation With Christine Cardoza

This last week, I had the privilege of sitting down for a conversation with Christine Cardoza, a Spiritual Business Mentor and Energy Healer based near Toronto, Canada. Christine and I had a wonderful conversation in which we shared our stories of how we came to be doing the work that we are doing; our respective struggles to heal from the past; the grace of increasing our awareness of the abundance of life surrounding us; and also the challenges inherent when attempting to address the weight of dysfunction that has been present for generations within our lives. I can attest that […]

Are You Feeling Like A Failure Right Now?

We all have done things that we are ashamed of. I know I sure have. The things that when we look back, we go, “Man, I TOTALLY messed that up!” Or maybe it’s just little stuff like getting impatient with someone who is driving too slowly and we flip them a not so kind hand gesture, or we speak harshly words to our son when he interrupts what we are doing when all he wants to do is share his enthusaism about something he just learned or did. And in the process of those big and small failures, a level […]