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“Most Important Thing is Relationships and Fostering the Faith of Others–Interview with Anne DeSantis on Say Yes to Holiness Podcast

Anne DeSantis is the director of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation for Freedom, Family, and Faith. She has been in the position of director for the foundation since January 2018, and she started working for the foundation is 2017.  She is honored to represent the Mercedarian family to help those in crisis situations and to spread the love of Christ to all she encounters. As a child of divorce, Anne’s perspective comes through her experience as an adult child of divorce.  She offers continued prayers for all those she encounters who have been affected by divorce and separation. This has motivated her in […]

Are You Robbing Yourself of the Life You Desire?–Connections Between Faith and Life YouTube Series

This week in the latest addition to the Connections Between Faith and Daily Life YouTube series, I speak about how we tend to speak lies to ourselves which ultimately rob us of the very life that we desire. I sepak directly to those lies so you identify them in your own life and set them aside as you continue the journey towards holiness. Watch Are You Robbing Yourself of the Life You Desire? I hope this video inspires, encourages and helps you move you through whatever you may be currently experiencing, as well as allow you to focus upon setting […]

My Talk for Modern Saints Conference is Now Live!

Greetings! I am SUPER excited because my talk, entitled, ‘Seven Characteristics All Saints Have (And You Can Too!)’ is now live for you to watch as part of the Modern Saints: Missions from God Online Conference. Please go watch it, and then reach out and tell me what you think either here on my blog, or on the Say Yes to Holiness FB page. And when you go to the link above where my talk is, you can ALSO watch 9 more videos from the conference for free.  In fact, you can watch everything for free when you join the […]