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Episode #74–“The Inefficient Innovator”–1 on 1 Conversation with Jason Shanks, OSV Innovation Talk Speaker

This Say Yes to Holiness podcast episode continues the series of conversations with recent OSV Innovation Talk speakers. This time the discussion is with Jason Shanks, President of the OSV Institute of Innovation. Jason brings a wealth of background and experience to his role as President of OSV Institute, overseeing the annual OSV Challenge and OSV Talks, both launched to ignite creativity and entrepreneurship in the Catholic Church. His vision for renewal through innovation is unparalleled and stems from his conviction that the Church is evergreen from generation to generation and must be re-presented fresh and anew to today’s modern […]

Episode #71–“The Perfection of Imperfection”–1 on 1 Conversation with Doug Tooke, OSV Innovation Talk Speaker

This Say Yes to Holiness podcast episode finds Christina spending time in conversation with Doug Tooke of ODB Films. Doug also is a recent OSV Innovation Talk speaker. His talk is entitled, The Perfection of Imperfection, and in a very emotional and entertaining way, Doug discusses the pitfalls of perfectionism and how we can learn to be “a candid polaroid in a photoshop world.” Listen to: Episode #71–“The Perfection of Imperfection” Doug is also the Vice President of Mission for both ODB Films and the Renovo Media Group. With Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Philosophy and Theology and a Masters […]