New E-Course That Assists in Developing Holy Social Media Habits

Hello, Friends! In the spirit of helping to develop and grow in virtue each day, I am excited about a new e-course that was launched by CatholicsOnline that addresses one of the most challenging facets of our life–social media. Below is a description of the e-course from one of the course creators, Sara Estabrooks:

This e-course is designed to help Catholics live out their faith more fully online, by being aware and intentional about what they post and what they consume, by setting healthy limits, and by looking for opportunities to integrate the faith with their social media use.

This course is a great reminder for anyone who needs to take a closer look at their social media use (isn’t this all of us?!? lol) but especially perfect for parents of teens, as they help guide their kids in developing safe, healthy, and holy social media habits.


I invite you to check it out yourselves, and to share with others whom you think would benefit, so we can all continue to grow in holiness as well as point others towards holiness in the midst of the world. God bless!