“Skellig Michael, Star Wars and the Rise of Voyage Comics–A Conversation with Philip Kosloski”

On this day in which we remember the heroic and inspiring story of Saint Patrick and his efforts to bring about the conversion of the land of Eire (Ireland) to Christianity, it seems particularly appropriate to share one of my most recent podcasts conversations–this one with Philip Kosloski, founder of Voyage Comics and Publishing.

Phil Kosloski, Founder of Voyage Comics and Publishing

During our conversation, Phil shared a bit of his own story–of graduating from the University of Saint Thomas in Minnesota with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Catholic Studies and then going on to complete his Master of Arts degree in Theology with the Augustine Institute in 2013 before then writing for numerous national publications including The National Catholic Register, Catholic Exchange, Catholic Herald and The Huffington Post.

Phil and I then went on to discuss how he came to be the founder of a comic book company. For long time readers of my blog, you might remember previous posts where I shared the work that Voyage Comics has been doing during the last three years to create positive, faith-filled entertainment formed by Catholic values.

Check out Episode #56 “Skellig Michael, Star Wars and the Rise of Voyage Comics–A Conversation with Philip Kosloski”

The first of those efforts was the Finnian and the Seven Mountains series, in which Ireland figures prominently. Finnian, a student at a monastic school in Ireland, begins his epic journey on the mysterious island of Skellig Michael, where he seeks a legendary sword rumored to have the extraordinary power to defeat evil and where the sword was last seen.

For modern movie-goers, the island of Skellig Michael figured prominently in the latest Star Wars trilogy as it served as the location of ancient Jedi Temple where Luke Skywalker had retreated, and where the powerful Force-sensitive, Rey, goes to be trained in the ways of the Force.

It is from these intersections of history and popular culture that Voyage Comics has arisen to be a legendary force of its own as it seeks to fulfill its mission “to create exceptional entertainment, informed by Catholic values, that inspires people to live a heroic life. Through our products, we seek to advance the truth, beauty and goodness found in powerful stories.”

Phil and I spoke about all of these efforts as well as the fast and furious rise of Voyage Comics that has now produced in addition to Finnian, The Mission of Joan of Arc, Jonah’s Voyage to Atlantis, The Tale of Patrick Peyton (available in both English and Spanish), and is now embarking upon their most ambitious project yet–The Phantom Phoenix.

I hope that you enjoy this conversation as much as I did, and do make sure to check out and support the great work that Voyage Comics is doing so that you continue to be inspired, encouraged and helped to become the saint God created you to be, and are given the courage to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to continue striving for holiness throughout this Lenten season and beyond–all the way to heaven.

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