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Persevering In The Things That Matter–Episode 34 of the Say Yes to Holiness Podcast

Here is the latest Say Yes to Holiness podcast episode–Episode 34–Persevering In the Things That Matter In this episode, I focus upon sharing Food for the Head, Heart, Hands and Feet that complements the themes curently being shared and reflected upon during the ongoing Say Yes to Holiness Today 40 Day Challenge, particularly living the life of grace, striving to grow daily in virtue and abandoning ourselves to God’s will May this conversation help you grow in your ability to grow in faith and are encouraged to SAY YES so you can continue to do WHATEVER IT TAKES on the journey […]

Four Steps to Finding Purpose, Peace and Abundance in Your Daily Life

Here is the latest addition to the Connections Between Faith and Daily Life series on the Say Yes to Holiness YouTube channel. This week, I share about the 4 Steps you need to take in order to find purpose, peace and abundance in your daily life. I share the 4 steps and how incorporating these steps into your life can help inspire and encourage you on the journey to strive for holiness and embrace the life God created you for–lives of purpose, peace and abundance. If you want to learn more about the 4 Steps, you can join the Say […]