Surviving COVID and Trusting God’s Plan, Not Mine!

Hey, Everyone. In case you missed it, just wanted to share this short video I did yesterday afternoon on Facebook Live yesterday afternoon.

I shared a bit about my COVID experience along with an insight or two I learned during this last three weeks, as well as expressed my enormous gratitude for all of your support and prayers throughout this experience.

So if you are on Facebook, check it out here

If you aren’t able to watch because you either are not on Facebook or because you are intentionally not using Facebook so they can’t target you with information and advertising designed especially for you (for more on THAT story, check out the documentary, The Great Hack on Netflix which traces how Cambridge Analytics changed democracy forever—with Facebook’s help, mind you), but know that I do intend to start doing a short YouTube Live video for the Say Yes to Holiness channel each week, too, so keep a look out!

Until then, hope you enjoy this short video, have a great weekend, and God willing, will be seeing all of you more frequently in weeks ahead. God bless!