The Good, the True and the Beautiful

I have had the privilege the last two days to be immersed in, and surrounded by, the transcendentals of this world as I acted as caddy for our youngest son as he attempted to qualify for the US Amateur Golf Tournament.

What do I mean by that? Well, simply that while I was supporting and watching him, I found myself being prompted numerous times to reflect upon things that were good, true and the beautiful. Good golf shots, the truth of the score, and the beauty of the sunrise and the dew on the course in the morning have all inspired and enriched my life the last two days. So despite his failing to qualify, my life was made better in spite of the disappointment, as the three transcendentals continued to remind me of what really matters. And what really matters are the things that grow our capacity and enable us to love more than we did yesterday. Because in the end, love is the scale by which I (and you) will be judged. How come? Because God IS Love, and how much we love, is a direct correlation to how much we have become holy.

So how much have you grown in your capacity and ability to love today? If you aren’t sure, I suggest you stop, pause and look around. And as you do, take notice of all that is good, true and beautiful, and let your heart be transformed accordingly.

Know of my continued prayers for each of you, and hope to see you on the Way tomorrow. 🙂