Transforming the World One Story at a Time

Today, I read an article and saw a video that depicted the spread of Christianity for the last 2000 years. (I’ll paste a link to the article and video below)

As I watched the video, I was struck by the reality of how the Gospel spread across the world throughout the centuries, even before the advent of all the communications methods like phones, radio, television, internet, and social media that are so commonplace today.

Before modern communications, individuals simply shared the joy of the Good News with each other in a very simple, but profoundly powerful way.

How? By sharing their story as part of the story of all stories.

What do I mean by that? Well, first of all, when people would meet someone new, they would share their story. The story of their families, friends, work, and the community they lived in. But most importantly, they would share the reason for the hope, joy, purpose and peace they were experiencing in their lives–they would introduce others to Jesus.

And when they introduced another person to Jesus, it was done by sharing their story of how they had met Jesus and how their lives had been transformed once they realized that their life story was important because it was part of the story. And this profoundly powerful witness given by the person about the difference Jesus made in their lives was the catalyst for the spread of Christianity across the world.

The effectiveness of this method is no different today than it has been throughout the centuries, as each of us has the same power to transform the world by sharing our story with others.

Have the courage to do this very simple thing, and the the world will be transformed. Because your story does matter. So go on out there and share it.

Link to the Watch the Spread of Christianity in 90 Seconds article and video:

Watch The Spread of Christianity Throughout History in 90 Seconds