Episode #72–“Exploring, Not Wandering”–Conversation with Karen and Curtis Hebert, Themelios Coaching

Recently, Christina sat down to speak with Karen and Curtis Herbert of Themelios Coaching.

We had crossed paths during a business networking event hosted by The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, and our common business coach, Kelly Roach, and as soon as we met, I knew that I needed to have them on the Say Yes to Holiness podcast because of the phenomenal work they are doing with women, particularly moms.

Listen to: Episode #72–“Exploring, Not Wandering”

Curtis and Karen Herbert, Themelios Coaching

Themelios Coaching supports women who are entering the empty nest period of their life. Primarily, they focus upon helping you manage the transition, navigate your changing relationships, and find the exciting treasure that is awaiting you in the second half of your life. In fact, part of our conversation was about their proprietary exploration process they use to help you identify the unique contribution you bring to the world and to invest wisely in the next 20 years.

Additionally, we spoke about Karen and Curtis’ journey to where they are today, the process of discernment, diving into our true identity, and how we avoid “getting stuck” in the midst of monumental life change.

Our conversation was one that truly inspired, encouraged and left me full of hope knowing that such well-trained, enthusiastic and faith-filled people are out there to help people through a period of life that can be extremely challenging, so I hope the conversation does the same for you as well!

Listen here:   Episode #72–“Exploring, Not Wandering”

Remember to keep doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep striving to become the saint God created you to be so you can live that life of purpose, peace and abundance He desires for you!

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