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“Maybe We Should Bring Our Children To Pray”–Podcast Interview with Blythe Kaufman, Author and Founder of Children’s Rosary Movement

Blythe Kaufman and I originally crossed paths in the midst of our involvement in the “God is Mercy” Online Conference that was hosted as part of the SmartCatholics Community. I volunteered to help out with hosting several of the conference sessions, and Blythe was the speaker for one of the sessions. From the moment she began to share about her apostolic work with children, I knew I needed to convince her to be on the Say Yes to Holiness podcast! There are two primary activities that Blythe is involved with. The first is the Children’s Rosary, which is a lay […]

THE Key To Receiving ALL the Graces God Desires To Give You And To Grow Closer To Him

On the journey to grow closer to God and become more like Jesus, it can be difficult to understand how our prayer life, the sacraments and making progress in the spiritual life all fits together. For those who are searching to understand it theologically, you can find an explanation in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but I learned long ago that while “head” knowledge is a vital part of our spiritual growth, that knowledge sometimes doesn’t translate into transforming the thoughts, words and actions in our daily life so we become more like Jesus. And what I was blessed […]